Management software for hospitals, clinics, and polyclinics  Management software for hospitals, clinics, and polyclinics

HopitalWeb has developed a modular management software solution for clinics and hospitals. All of which operate on a web server located within the establishment (Intranet). Users access modules via a network-connected PC and a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) Management software for hospitals, clinics, and polyclinics

Each software module was improved following daily contact with departments in the pilot establishment and then with user establishments.
Secure, fully developable, PolyDIS links the electronic medical record to all departments and practitioners concerned.
Beyond substantial savings in time and stress, PolyDIS offers a perfect traceability of the patient's path in the establishment.

The WebPharma module makes it easy to implement nominative drug dispensing throughout the establishment.
Every event is instantly recorded and available to all concerned parties.

Its simple design (all the modules are used like an ordinary website) saves time otherwise spent on software training and temporary staff are immediately operational, at no risk of committing input errors.

The patient care report is complete. Any paper documents are scanned before filing and attached to the medical record. PolyDIS modules are interconnected with all the major specialized software solutions, linked to external service providers (laboratories, etc.), and instantly updated with every input (example: medication taken), all elements are just a click away.

PolyDIS : PolyDIS consists of the "WebDPI" module and a selection, adapted to your activities, of interconnected "profession" modules listed below.

MCO (Medical/Surgery, and Obstetrics) modules
Management of the surgeon's activity
Management of the Obstetrician-gynecologist's activity
Management of the Ophthalmologist's activity
Specialized module for ENT consultations
Specialized module for Orthopedics consultations
Specialized module for Stomatology consultations
Management of the Urologist's activity
Management of the anesthesiologist's activity
Management of the emergency department
General introduction and administrative patient management module
This is the core module of PolyDis: the electronic medical record.
Management of rooms and beds, accommodations planning
Management of patient food services
Management of operating suites
Management of the birth center
Management of surgical instrument sterilizations
Management of the massage therapist's activity
Nominative drug dispensing CBUM (contract for good drug practices)
Document database of drugs
Inventory and purchasing management (drugs, IMD, etc.)
Specialized module for inputting procedures and diagnoses

Other specialized modules
Specialized module for the Blood safety activity
Specialized module for the Psychiatry activity
Specialized module for the follow-up care and rehabilitation activity
Management of establishments receiving the elderly
Management of hospital at home
Interconnected with the Personal Health Record (PHR)
The electronic adverse event sheet
Shift scheduling
Medical research and statistics module