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User testimonials: (2008)

Mrs. A. Buffet, medico-administrative department, 12 years of professional experience
Mrs. S. Kesraoui, medico-administrative department, 6 years of professional experience

" Since Polydis was implemented in 2005, each paper document issued within the establishment, for those that remain mandatory, is scanned and archived electronically (in Acrobat.pdf format) before they're filed. All the elements in the patient's medical record are accessible to us in the electronic record.

Our mission is to verify all medical records and ensure they're complete before transmitting them to the billing department.

Of course, on a daily basis, we find improperly filed documents or documents missing specific information.

With Polydis, we detect EVERYTHING missing with no exceptions, which was impossible to do during the "paper" record years.

The tool also allows us to easily "track" what we're looking for: with traceability, we know who did what and when... It becomes easy to contact the right people to complete and close the record.

With Polydis we can make the assertion that all records leaving our department are 100% complete!
Today, we process more records with less stress and the certainty we are fulfilling our mission without compromise.
We derive a certain pride in providing this quality of work. It would be impossible without this tool"

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