PolyDIS: The electronic medical record for the GH (General Hospital), MCO (Medical/Surgery, and Obstetrics), Ehpad (Long Term Care Sector), HAH (Hospital At Home)  PolyDIS: The electronic medical record for the GH (General Hospital), MCO (Medical/Surgery, and Obstetrics), Ehpad (Long Term Care Sector), HAH (Hospital At Home)

PolyDis l'intégré de gestion d'établissement hospitalierPolyDIS is the ideal patient management tool for public or private health care institutions, regardless of the activity: MCO (Medical/Surgery, and Obstetrics), Ehpad (Long Term Care Sector), HAH (Hospital At Home), SSR (Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation), Psy, etc.

Revolving around the electronic medical record and integrating the electronic care record, nominative drug dispensing (CBUM or Contract for good (drug) practices), the recording of medical procedures and treatments, nursing, and sterilization, PolyDIS offers you the traceability everybody in the healthcare industry is looking for!

PolyDIS secures the patient's path in the establishment, links and federates the departments.
In operation since 2005 (with complete availability!) and regularly upgraded according to user establishment needs,PolyDIS is now a "field" tested and perfectly operational software product!



User testimonial: (interview: June 2008)

Dr. I. Frangi, Urological Surgeon
11 years of professional experience, has been using PolyDIS since 2007

"Like all surgeons, I have used an office management software for quite some time.

As soon as I arrived at the "Clinique du Parc", I had an opportunity to use WebChir, the PolyDIS software module dedicated to the surgeon's activity.

Armed with an identifier and a password as my only training, I opened WebChir (in my web browser) and had it running immediately.

All the functions were obvious with ordinary website navigation... In short, familiarization was not an issue at all.

As far as advantages go, this was an excellent surprise. Having instant access to all of my patients' information, even the most recent, changes things drastically!

I arrive at 7:00 in the morning and the first thing I do is look at my post op patients' vital signs. I used to have to go to the different departments, find and consult records, and question the nursing staff. Now, when all my patients are doing well, it only takes a minute!

Even better, I can also consult these vital signs from home (or anywhere else with an Internet connection for that matter) with a secure access using an identifier/password.

Throughout the morning, during my consults, if a patient has me worried, I can reassure myself on their condition with a simple click, without interrupting appointments. Every event and every treatment, even given the minute before, is visible.

Later on, for my rounds, after just a few clicks in WebChir, I have a clear view of each patient's situation, I'm better prepared and my rounds are that much more effective!

In the OR, WebChir offers complete traceability. Pre, Intra, or Postoperative, EVERYTHING is recorded! It has become essential to healthcare professionals. It creates a secure framework for the practitioner and other healthcare workers and allows them to practice with alleviated stress.

Another advantage, when I ask for an anatomic pathology, I can view the results on my computer screen as soon as the analyses are done. We're linked to the lab and, the moment they enter their report, it arrives attached to the patient's medical record in the software.

In short, I no longer handle any paper (or very rarely), I can completely and reliably monitor my patients, and all the information I need is perfectly filed and accessible in PolyDIS. With this software, I have recouped 30% of my time and a certain peace of mind.

I don't know of any other clinic or hospital management software with this level of quality. It's really the future and here we are already using it today!"

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