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WebPharma : La dispensation nominative des médicaments
  • Therapeutic handbook
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Validate prescriptions
  • Verify drug interactions
  • Nominative drug dispensing
  • On drug packaging
  • Recover examination results from clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories, as well as imaging reports from radiology practices

User testimonial: (2008)

Mr. F. Brocard, Pharmacist, 8 years of professional experience, Polydis user since 2005:

"TRACEABILITY! This is the key point for me.

WebPharma (the Polydis pharmacy management module) is the first software solution to offer the "complete traceability" we in this industry have long been hoping and waiting for.
With WebPharma, we have recovered complete drug management within the establishment.
We've finally implemented nominative drug dispensing in all departments!

Thanks to nominative drug dispensing, we no longer have buffer inventory on the shelves.
Each product is distributed for immediate use and we receive confirmation the patient received their treatment!

We can make product or dosage changes and, even more importantly, we can now document our decisions for physicians and nurses. This especially avoids any confusion in terms of generic product names we cannot expect everyone to know! Nurses save time and it's safer for everyone.

The tool allows us to verify whether additional precautions are actually taken for certain treatments (laboratory).

We can easily detect any drug interactions and immediately propose an alternative and distribute the information to the physicians concerned.

With nominative drug dispensing, I've noticed sizable budget savings just from good management of expiry dates.

Statistics are automatic and totally reliable. They allow us to "fine-tune" inventory and streamline supply management while lightening our workload.

In other words, with Polydis and WebPharma, I'm at the physician's side; I truly contribute added value without having to systematically be physically present in more than one place; I really practice my trade with a quality and presence that until now would have been impossible."


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